NEW! Halo Hair Extensions 20 inch / 160gr / 100% Human Remy Hair **THICK**

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20" / 160GR / Halo / Jet Black #1
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Natural Black #1B
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
*NEW* 20" / 160GR / Halo / Midnight Brown #1C
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Dark Choc #2
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Rich Mocha #4
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Chestnut Brown #6
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Cinnamon #8
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Caramel #10
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Dirty Blonde #12
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Honey Blonde #18
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Beachy Blonde #613
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Champagne Blonde #51
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Ice Queen Platinum #60
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Honey Beach Highlights #18/613
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Sunkissed Highlights #10/613
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
20" / 160GR / Halo / Snickers Highlights #4/12
€189.99 Pre order In Stock
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Product Details

Customer Reviews 51 item(s)


    Packaged Nicely, Perfect color math, soft & thick hair. I love them!!

    Review by ALLA S, posted on 2019-06-19 21:59:59

  • Must buy!

    I live in Canada and I have to say the shipping was very quick. I have SUPER thick hair and the halo blended in so well. All I had to do was take it to my salon and put layers in as I’m not a fan of the one length look. The quality is amazing! Soft and thick. Love them!!

    Review by Raj , posted on 2019-05-04 15:55:30

  • Very comfortable

    I just got these cut and installed in my hair. If you have a short blunt cut, you’re going to have to curl them for them to blend into your own hair. Overall I LOVE them because they’re so comfortable. I’ve bought many clip ins from Zala but my hair is fine so the clips weighed my hair down and we’re often painful to remove after hours. The Halo?! I can’t even feel it on my head! I agree with the past reviews that you could easily sleep in these and be comfortable. Definitely recommend for fine hair.

    Review by Samantha , posted on 2019-04-10 06:40:15

  • Halo 20 inch Extension: I am a Zala customer for life!!!

    I cannot say enough great things about these halo extensions. I am beyond impressed by the customer service, QUALITY of product/hair, shipping speed and absolutely beautiful packaging. You can tell Zala takes the customer's wants and needs into the upmost consideration. I have worn clip in hair extensions as well as salon threaded extensions and the Zala brand is the absolute best I have ever had in the past 10+ years. The quality is mind blowing. They are so thick, soft and just stunning color. I am amazed. I rarely write reviews but this deserved one and so much more. I want everyone to know about them. This company and the products they offer are incredible. I am a customer for life off of one purchase. I cannot say enough great things. Well deserved! Bravo, Zala! Thank you for the incredible service xo, Courtney

    Review by Courtney, posted on 2019-01-30 18:19:03

  • Amazing hair and company

    I bought a 20” halo and when I received it in the mail the hair was absolutely beautiful and thick! I couldn’t believe how amazing the quality was. I had a small problem with not getting the extra bands for the exact length of my head so I emailed customer service and they were second to none. Not only did they send me out the halo bands for the long wait they even sent me a very generous gift with them. The hair is not only amazing but the customer service and support team is second to none!! I never had such a incredible experience! Thank you Zala!

    Review by Laura , posted on 2019-01-28 18:01:33

  • Fantastic quality and color

    This product is WONDERFUL! I have tried every possible hair extension out there, and this is by far my FAVORITE! It is sooo so soft and THICK, and sits so perfectly! I will be a customer zala girl for LIFE!

    Review by Abby, posted on 2018-09-04 04:24:40

  • I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!!

    This hair is beautiful! My stylist agrees! The piece is sturdy and the hair is thick! So happy with my purchase and will buy again!

    Review by Mish, posted on 2018-09-04 04:23:47

  • AMAZING!! I love love love mine

    Ok I never review anything! but these are AMAZING!! I love love love mine. Super easy, matches my hair perfect. Works with my thick hair so it doesn’t look stringy. Just like so AWESOME! I am reccomending them to all my friends.

    Review by Athenia, posted on 2018-09-04 04:23:18


    I love these extensions! The hair is so soft and there is a good amount of hair on the halo piece. I have bought many sets from ZALA over the years and will continue to do so. The two-tone honey beach highlights is fun for a highlighted/summer look for blondies like me.

    Review by Heidi, posted on 2018-08-16 01:26:23

  • Absolutely beautiful hair.

    This was my first time using hair extensions, so I did a lot of research and these were the highest rated and i have to agree! Love them :)

    Review by Ella, posted on 2018-08-16 01:20:27


    Adds volume & length in seconds!! I get compliments all the time on how pretty my hair is ???? I have purchased twice now because I love it so much i wanted 12" and 20". This halo I is top of the line! NO PUN INSTEAD

    Review by KIM, posted on 2018-08-16 01:19:10


    Oh my gosh! It just came today and I'm shocked at how amazing it is. It's so beautiful. It's a bit long for me but I can cut i SERIOUSLY NEVER WANT TO TAKE IT OUT!!

    Review by jennifer, posted on 2018-08-16 01:16:58

  • YAY!

    Absolutely love this product! It is beautiful and great quality.

    Review by Shaianne, posted on 2018-08-16 01:13:24

  • ok - halo convert here!

    Love it!! Real hair that I've already curled and straightened and still in really great condition. It's really sturdy on your head and fits where it's impossible to see through your own hair.

    Review by Olivia, posted on 2018-08-16 01:11:43

  • I LOVE them!

    The hair quality is great. I took them to my hair stylest and she blended them with my hair. I purchased the 20 inch knowing they would be a bit long for me. Once I got the trimmed, they looked great! I highly recommend these extensions.

    Review by Cath, posted on 2018-08-16 01:07:15

  • Perfect Extensions!

    Perfect colour match and so easy to put in and extremely easy to blend! These have been the best extensions I've ever bought.. definitely recommend it!

    Review by Tay, posted on 2018-08-16 00:47:17

  • Absolutely LOVE these halo hair extension.

    'd been using clips for about 6 years, and as much as i LOVEEE them i honestly wished they were my own hair and even though clip ins dont take too long to apply i wanted something more instant but i wasn't interested in making the more permanent leap to tapes. But I wasn't ready to get rid of my long locks yet! Then i get an email from zala that they have just launched HALOS!! i was a little unsure about it all and how it would sit and blend as my hair is thin, and it is very fine. I have a friend who bought a synthetic halo off ebay and loves it ! personally would never wear synthetic hair and between us here I think hers obviously looks like fake hair! So the fact zalas halo is human hair and they do free exchanges i was sold. (my friend had alot of input in encouraging me too lol and how much im gonna be a halo queen with her) Let me say this first - The only "con" is that you cannot flip upside down, or else it will probably come out. But really, that is IT. But real talk, who the hell is flipping upside down anyway unless your wearing your halo to yoga, but if that is the case then you should really check yourself because that's just whack, do yourself a favour and buy a clip in pony! Anyway! The hair in these extensions are absolutely gorgeous and thick. As expected with zala. Usually some extensions brand come with random ratty thin ends but that is never the case with zala, mine are thick from top to tip just is the case with my clip ins with them. well my friend is right, Im obsessed with my new halo, i never want to take it off it is so comfortable, i forget im wearing it and blends beautifully with my own hair! I must admit they are even comfortable enough to sleep in, if you must.... (I DO) Very happy, will order more when the time comes. Thanks ZALA

    Review by EmmaLee, posted on 2018-08-16 00:45:25

  • Love it!

    I have thin hair and I can't wear too many clip ins otherwise you can see them. I wanted to try the halo and I am happy I did. I get all the volume of lots of extensions without the fear of any tracks being seen. The hair is thick and soft plus it's easy to apply. The cons are: Having a small head I have to make the halo small and due to the hook system, it can cause some gathering at the top near the wire and it's not flush against my head unless you constantly flatten out. If there is a strong wind, I feel like it will fall off. Lastly, after you wear it for a while your head can get a little sensitive to the wire... but pain is beauty.... right?? However, despite all that, best purchase ever. I get so much hair and no one can tell even though I have thin hair. No one knows the difference except people who see you all the time and think your hair sprouted overnight. I highly recommend! I want one in every length. Thanks Zala for a great product. Cannot wait to see what you release next!

    Review by LozzyG, posted on 2018-07-18 12:15:15


    I have been wearing extensions for over 10 years, and these are by far the best! Hair was high quality, soft and thick. I dyed it and it's still soft and it took the dye well so I know it's 100% human hair. I'm happy with my purchase, it's the best hair I've gotten and I've been wearing extensions for 5 years. I layered them and cut some length and they're perfect!

    Review by Aria, posted on 2018-07-05 04:22:30


    I use extensions everyday of my life. I love my clip ins but was over having to clip all the pieces in.. then zala released the halo i bought on a whim, not having any idea how to use it! IT IS AMAZING!! No damage and great quality IT IS SOOO THICK!!I curl them, iron them and more. Will recommend them a million times. Save my life!

    Review by ley, posted on 2018-07-05 04:21:57

  • never take mine out!

    It works great! It blends well and looks natural. It curls perfectly. I will be buying a back up.

    Review by Chelsie, posted on 2018-07-05 04:19:15


    My hair has been getting thinner and thinner for about 10 years. I have tried almost every type of hair extension and hair replacement. My favorite kind of extensions were the tape-ins, but my hair is so fine the tape began to show through. I recently purchased the ZALA halo and was SHOOOK it is so easy to put on, does not show through, and does not damage my already fragile hair. I get additional volume and length; how great is that!

    Review by Emma Henrie, posted on 2018-07-05 04:17:14

  • im looking and feeling amazing - instant selfie mood :)i

    I cant believe how easy and comfortable it is! its amazing!! I can not tell you enough the stress this halo has taken off me i am literally obsessed with it, i have a full head of hair in seconds!

    Review by Amber, posted on 2018-07-05 04:16:34

  • The hair I wish I had been born with!

    I’m so hooked on this halo!!! I have always had fine and thin hair that I have trouble growing long lengths without it getting stringy. I have had several types of hair extensions through the years but this was my first time trying a halo, let me tell you I love the halo!! such a fan now! It looks like I have naturally beautiful long and thicker hair and there’s no damage to my real locks. I got the 16” Honey Blonde #18 and it blends so well with my hair. I’m very happy with these and will be wearing them daily!

    Review by Nicole, posted on 2018-07-05 04:14:49

You're reviewing: NEW! Halo Hair Extensions 20 inch / 160gr / 100% Human Remy Hair **THICK**

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